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emtivac liquid ring vacuum pump 2BE
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EMTIVAC N2BE liquid ring vacuum pump has function for good efficiency in vacuum applications and operating speed. This pump can tolerate large volumes of liquid carried from the process without any big damage.
The design is ideal for the toughest applications in industrial processes such as sugar mills, paper mills, evacuation of power generation condensers and vacuum filters in mineral processing.
The flexible flap made of Teflon is part of the design for efficient operations at various ratios.
Impellers that can be used for heavy duty and Flexible discharge port designs using pumps and equipment without damage.
Quiet and low vibration liquid ring design (> 85 dB (A)) and requires minimal filtering because there is no contact with metal.
Standard materials are steel / carbon steel with carbon steel impellers, 304 or 316SS construction and partial are also available for corrosive applications.
The choice of connection position can also be adjusted (top or side connection)


EMTIVAC N2BE vacuum pump ring fluid has a stainless steel sleeve shaft that can be removed in the gland packing area to prevent shaft damage from the packing gland and the shaft is greatly simplified maintenance procedures.
There are also inspection holes at each end of the pump for internal cleaning and cleareance check of the pump without having to disassemble the pump or remove the pipe.
The removable bearing housing allows routine bearings check without having to disassemble the pump.

EMTIVAC N2BE vacuum pump ring fluid manufactures according to ISO 9001 certified quality standards.
Each pump is tested for capacity, speed and vibration level before shipping.
Bearing that has the highest quality, from SKF.
All pumps have a guarantee for design, material or workmanship.

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