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Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump
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13 Apr 2020
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Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump EMTIVAC type 2BV is a type of pump that is widely used as a compressor or vacuum for gas and steam application. The function of a ring-liquid vacuum pump is similar to a rotating propeller pump, with the difference being that the propeller is an integral part of the rotor and rotates the rotating ring of liquid to form a compression-space seal. this Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump EMTIVAC  type 2BV design can minimize the friction that occurs in a normal propeller pump so that the application of this pump can be used for dangerous gases. This Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump EMTIVAC type 2BV also has a closed couple system that is very compact and low maintenance so as to facilitate the operation of this pump, this Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump EMTIVAC type 2BV also has a standard sealing mechanical seal that can reduce leakage with a bergman or john crane brand, and also has a low noise level of 62dB, all components of this pump are precisely manufactured with CNC LATHE technology. we also can supply Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump EMTIVAC type 2BV with different kind of material like cast iron, 304, and 316

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