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Emtivac Liquid ring vacuum pum type CL
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Specification of Emtivac Liquid ring vacuum pum type CL

The ECL Vacuum Liquid Emtivac pump has a Heavy Duty Shrouded Impeller and the Conical Porting Design allows power and fluid pumps without damage.
The pump design opperates with quiet operation and low vibration and requires minimal filtering because there is no contact with the metal in operating the pump.
The ECL type vacuum emtivac liquid ring can be exchanged with other brand because it has same dimensions with other conical liquid ring type brand.
The standard material is a Cast Iron Casing with Ductile Cast Iron Impeller, complete and partial 316SS construction is also available for more corrosive applications.


Emtivac Liquid ring vacuum pump type ECL has a 304SS shaft sleeve that can be removed in the packing gland area to prevent damage from friction.
cap pads made of cast steel. This product is in bearing Emtivac pump Liquid ECL type vacuum ring to allow replacement of bearings in place.
Gland packing is 316SS construction on all pumps to prevent corrosion damage and damage.


ECL type vacuum emtivac pump is manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 certified quality standards.
Impeller is balanced with ISO-1940-1986 (E) G.6.3 standards
Each pump delays performance for its capacity.
The installed bearings are the highest quality, SKF or Timkin manufacture.
All pumps have a guarantee for design, material or workmanship

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